40 Baking Tools and What They're Used For

Baking can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but the number of baking tools out there can seem daunting to any beginner. To make it easier for a novice who is baking at home, the team at How Long To Cook put together a list of the 40 baking tools that we believe are the most beneficial to have on hand when it comes to baking all of those sweets and treats you crave. This colorful visual includes the tool names with images to help you identify each one as well as a brief description of how each piece of baking equipment is meant to be used. We hope this list of baking tools and equipment inspires you to get in the kitchen and try your hand at baking something delicious!

40 Baking Tools and What They're Used For

Preparatory Tools

Make the baking process easier from start to finish by preparing the tools and equipment you’ll need to complete each step in the recipe. The baking supplies listed below are helpful when it comes to preparing the necessary ingredients or protecting the food (and yourself!) from getting burned during the baking process.

Measuring Tools

One of the most important aspects of baking is having the right amount of each ingredient so that the food bakes correctly. Using inaccurate measurements of ingredients like baking soda or flour can drastically alter the outcome of the baked good, such as making a cake too dense or cookies too flat. The following baking accessories will enhance your final product by allowing you to measure the correct amount of each of the baking materials before adding them to the mixing bowl.

Mixing Tools

Once all of the ingredients have been measured out, they will need to be mixed to create the batter or dough. The mixing tools below make combining ingredients much easier, especially when you can use baking appliances like an electric mixer to do a majority of the hard work!

Cutting Tools

When working with dough, at times, it will need to be cut into smaller portions or shaped to add visual interest. The following baking utensils will make the process of cutting or shaping dough for things like cookies, breads, or pies much easier and more precise.

Baking Pans

There are a variety of different baking pan sizes and shapes to use in the kitchen, but which baking pan is right for your recipe? Each of these pans was designed for certain types of food, and each type of pan gives its contents their signature shape. If you’re unsure which is the best baking pan to use, read on to see all the different types of food that can be baked with each of the baking pans listed below.

Cake Decorating Tools

Decorating a cake without using specialized cake decorating tools can be difficult, and the end result often doesn’t look as good as it could. Using the cake decorating supplies listed below will elevate your cakes or cupcakes, giving them a more professional look.

Baking Tool

The final baking tool on our list is the oven, which is, in our opinion, the most important tool for baking stuff! Without it, you wouldn’t be able to bake cakes, pies, or loaves of bread with the help of these bakery tools.


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