How long to cook Salmon

How Long to Cook a Salmon Fillet on a Grill

The amount of time it takes to cook salmon fillets on a barbecue grill depends on the type of grill and the method used to cook the salmon. Salmon cooked directly on a grill on high heat (around 500 degrees Fahrenheit) cooks quickly: It's usually done in less than 12 minutes. Salmon can be wrapped in foil, set directly on the grill, or cooked using the plank method. Each option might result in a different cooking time.

How Long to Cook a Salmon Fillet on a Charcoal Grill

A charcoal grill with a medium fire can cook a salmon fillet in about six to eight minutes with the lid closed. Make sure to place the salmon skin side down.

How Long to Cook a Salmon Fillet on a Gas Grill

Cooking salmon on a gas grill has about the same cook time as using a charcoal grill. Set the grill to medium heat, place the salmon skin-side down, close the lid, and cook for six to eight minutes.

How Long to Cook a Salmon Fillet on a George Foreman Grill

George Foreman grills tend to cook salmon much faster than other grills. Check the salmon at the three-minute mark. If it flakes apart easily, it's cooked and ready to eat. If it's not ready, keep checking every minute until the salmon is cooked.

How Long to Grill Salmon Fillets in Foil

Grill a foil-wrapped fish fillet between 20 and 25 minutes. Grilling a foil-wrapped salmon fillet takes longer than direct grilling, but this healthy option brings out a delicious flavor in the fish.

Cooking Salmon Fillets Without a Grill

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to cook salmon fillets on the grill, you can still enjoy a delicious salmon fillet cooked in the oven. With simple ingredients, a classic baked salmon fillet is quick and easy.

Try This Classic Baked Salmon Recipe

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