How long to cook Chicken

How Long to Cook Chicken Breast in the Oven at 350 Degrees

When you bake chicken breasts in a 350-degree oven, you should do so for 25 to 30 minutes. This should ensure that the chicken is fully cooked without drying out. You can be sure that your chicken breast is cooked through by using a meat thermometer to check that the thickest part of the meat has an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before you cook your chicken, you should ensure that it's completely thawed; frozen chicken will take longer to cook and will cook unevenly. You can safely thaw frozen chicken in the refrigerator or by putting it in a plastic bag and submerging it in cool tap water.

While 350 degrees is a fine oven temperature to bake a chicken breast, you may get better results with a slightly higher oven temp. A 400-degree oven temp will lessen the cook time and yield a delicious meal.

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