How long to cook Turkey

How Long to Cook a Turkey From Frozen

If you're trying to cook a turkey from frozen, the cooking time will increase to about 40 minutes per pound at 325 degrees. However, it's not advisable to cook a frozen turkey. Frozen turkeys usually come with a bag of giblets inside, and this bag is usually plastic. You'll need to let the turkey partially cook for the inside to thaw enough that you can remove the giblet bag. If the bag gets too hot, the plastic will melt.

However, if your turkey has no bag of giblets inside, you can get away with cooking the bird from frozen. As long as you don't stuff the bird, it should cook properly all the way through as long as you roast it long enough. Use a meat thermometer to verify that it's completely cooked before serving. For a great turkey recipe, we recommend first thawing the turkey before using this easy, traditional roasted turkey recipe.

Once Your Turkey is Thawed, Try Our Favorite Oven-Roasted Turkey Recipe

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