How long to cook Salmon

How Long to Cook a Salmon Fillet on the Stove in a Pan

As long as the salmon is at room temperature when cooking begins, it only takes about 10 minutes to pan-fry a salmon on the stove. Most methods recommend cooking the salmon skin side down. The skin will help trap in heat and steam the meat inside the fillet, so it's cooked to perfection all the way through. Once you flip the salmon, remove the skin by scraping or peeling it off so that the fillet doesn't become too tough. Pan-frying a salmon fillet makes a quick, simple meal that's delicious and healthy.

If you're looking for a less active cooking process, an oven-baked salmon fillet is a more hands-free option. Cooking salmon in the oven does take longer than cooking it on the stovetop but yields a delicious dinner with little active cooking.

Classic Baked Salmon Recipe

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