How long to cook Boil

How Long to Boil Corned Beef

Depending on the size of your corned beef brisket, it will take 2 to 3 hours to boil until it's done. Boiling corned beef is a traditional way to prepare it for St. Patrick's Day, but it's easy enough to do any time of the year, as long as you have a few hours to spare. Make sure that the meat stays completely submerged in liquid as it cooks so it doesn't dry out. The liquid you use can be water, beer, broth, or a combination of these, depending on your recipe.

To check whether your corned beef is done, you can take its internal temperature, but that will only tell you part of the story. Corned beef is safe to eat at 145 degrees, but this cut of meat benefits from being cooked longer to make it more tender. A better way to check for doneness is to stick a fork in it: If the meat pulls apart easily, it's ready. Check this if you need a delicious complete Corned beef and cabbage recipe.

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